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B2B eCommerce website


Handshake Direct is a B2B eCommerce website for wholesale customer ordering. Handshake Direct also includes a complementary mobile ordering app.

Provide your customers with a robust online purchasing experience where you feel free to share the latest information about your products and brand. Personalize the experience with updated account information, negotiated pricing, order history, and a tailored product catalog.

Access to the website and app is controlled with buyer-specific logins to ensure the privacy of your customer relationships and the information on your B2B portal.

Invite your retailers to Handshake Direct with a customizable email invitation. They’ll be able to create their own login that lets them access their account information, order history, and catalog. Capture new account interest by adding a link on your homepage for new retailers to request access to your site by quickly filling out and submitting an online form. Your team will be notified of the request and make the decision to approve the new retailer.

With control over retailer access to your B2B website you can keep the exclusive information you provide retailers confidential, while giving your buyers the unique online purchasing experience they want.