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Handshake Direct is optimized for B2B payment workflows, so you can capture orders from your buyers and get paid fast.

Payment options can be assigned on a customer specific basis.

Since some wholesale orders don't take payment immediately when the order happens, we provide a range of B2B specific check out options to help you tailor your customer experience.

  • No credit card required: credit card is not required for the customer at time of checkout
  • Require card only: require the buyer to have a credit card on file, but don't authorize or charge the card at time of checkout (you can charge a card later using Handshake Hub)
  • Manually collect payment: pre-authorize the customer's card at time of checkout, but capture funds later through Handshake Hub
  • Automatically collect payment: immediately charge the customer's card at time of checkout

Handshake connects to most payments services through our merchant services and payment gateway partners. Unsure if we can connect to yours? Ask our team to confirm.

Note: Payments are not currently available for the Handshake Direct Mobile buyer app (we're working on it!)

Set up customer specific payment options

Capture payment at checkout