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Inventory availability


After submitting orders, your retailers expect their shipments to arrive on time and complete. When they get a phone call or email from your team notifying them that certain products are out of stock, or worse, they receive an incomplete order, they get frustrated.

Providing inventory availability and restock date information on products to retailers purchasing through your B2B eCommerce portal helps you set expectations and increase customer satisfaction.

With this critical information retailers won’t be surprised by partial shipments and customer service communications. Instead they can find and purchase alternative products that are immediately available. Retailers can also confidently choose to order out of stock products and plan for their delivery when they are restocked.

After enabling your inventory settings through the Handshake administrative view, you can choose to simply display whether a product is in or out of stock based on a warning level or, if possible, add restock dates for more information.

Including inventory availability and restock dates helps you increase customer satisfaction by:

  • Delivering key information for retailer planning
  • Reducing backorders and cancelled orders
  • Improving fill rates, while decreasing fulfillment times