Digital Board Management

Successful management of your retailers' frame boards is critical to driving profitability for your business and avoiding the opportunity costs of having suboptimal assortments displayed.

Handshake Digital Board Management makes frame reps more efficient and effective at optimizing your assortment for each retailer. By combining critical customer and product data with mobile order writing capabilities in a single, easily accessible location on the Handshake app, frame reps can make smarter and faster decisions, see more customers each day and spend more time building relationships.

Digital Board Management, Handshake

When at the board, frame reps can bring up a report of each account’s recently ordered items and compare it to the frames present on the board. For each frame, they can review the performance and inventory status in the report to determine if it should be kept or returned.

Once frames have been removed and marked as returns in Handshake, your reps and customers can then work together to fill any gaps on the board. They can review the report and product catalog to identify strong performing frames not on the board and add them to the order without leaving the screen.

With all the information they need at their fingertips, your frame reps make smart decisions quickly and write orders fast ­ maximizing profitability for you and your retailer.