Inventory Availability

Handshake lets you show data on inventory availability and restock dates for all of your products so you can sell with confidence and accuracy.

Inventory availability and restock dates helps your team:

  • Sell more of what’s available
  • Confidently keep selling products that will be replenished soon
  • Reduce management of backorders and cancelled orders
  • Decrease fulfillment times
  • Improve fill rate

Mobile Inventory Management Software

Keeping sales reps updated on critical information, such as inventory levels and restock dates, provides a more efficient selling process and makes your customers happier.

After enabling your inventory settings on the Handshake website, you can toggle your inventory display preferences right in the app.

Choose to simply display whether a product is in or out of stock based on a warning level, or, for more detail, you can also show the exact quantity that’s available.

Including restock dates for products automatically adds the replenishment date to the inventory display once a product triggers its out of stock warning level or reaches a predetermined available quantity.