Catalog Visibility Controls

This suite of administrative tools provide you with fine grain controls that allow you to choose the products you make available for sale in the Handshake app and Handshake Direct B2B eCommerce portal.

You may have some products that you only sell to select customers or others that you are no longer selling and need to archive. You need an easy way to manage these variations in your catalog.

Catalog Visibility Controls ensure that you are selling your up-to-date product assortment and that each customer can see and order only the products in your catalog that apply to them. As a result, your sales reps and customers can easily search and quickly find the right products; increasing your sales conversions.

Rep Specific Catalogs, Handshake

From the Handshake website you can:

  • Archive discontinued products without deleting them from your records
  • Hide new products prior to official availability
  • Blacklist products by choosing a subset of products to hide from customers
  • Whitelist products by choosing a subset of products to show customers