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Order history and favorites


Reordering has never been easier for your retailers. By equipping retailers with their previous orders and a list of frequently ordered items, retailers can make decisions faster and dramatically reduce the time it takes to submit an order.

With all of their order information online your retailers can log into their account at their convenience and submit an order without having to remember or look up product information. If they are placing a similar order to one in the past they quickly pull it up and click on “Duplicate Order.” In a matter of minutes, they make any necessary changes, confirm the order, log out, and get back to the rest of their day.

Retailers can also rapidly browse their favorites to build an order of products that they know have performed well in the past. Additionally, they can use their list of favorite products as a guide to research your online catalog for additional products within the category or adjacent categories that they may want to introduce into their assortment.

Providing order history and product favorites streamlines the purchase process to save your retailers time and empower them to do business with you more often.