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Stripe + Handshake: easy B2B ordering and payments.

Stripe and Handshake streamlines the process for capturing payment for all of your Handshake orders. Stripe takes care of everything including storing your client’s credit card numbers, processing transactions and payouts to your bank. Use Handshake to capture and store credit cards securely in your Stripe account, pre-authorize or charge immediately.

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Customer Success Story

Handshake + ERP integration cuts data entry man hours by 50%

"With the knowledge that Handshake brought to the table, we were able to avoid a lot of hurdles. They really know what they're talking about."

John Goliak, Director of IT, Tru Fragrance

Data Flows:


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  • Accept credit cards on Handshake Rep and Handshake Direct
  • Store, pre-authorize or charge cards with your connected Stripe account
  • Empower sales reps to capture credit card payments in-person
  • Provide a bespoke B2B ordering and payment experience in the Handshake Direct eCommerce portal
  • Pre-qualify new accounts and minimize unpaid orders with pre-authorization
  • Accelerate the order-to-cash process

Handshake Implementation Services

We understand that the implementation of your back-office system is just as unique as your business. Our team works hand in hand with you to ensure the successful integration of Handshake with your software ecosystem. Whether you need to adapt our pre-built solutions for your workflow or deploy a fully custom integration, Handshake Implementation Services has the expertise to deliver the solution that fits your needs.

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