Handshake Product Guidelines

Last updated: August 11, 2021

It is the Supplier’s responsibility to ensure that all product listings made available on Handshake meet the requirements in the Product Guidelines listed below. We reserve the right to update these Product Guidelines, and may update them from time to time, so please check back periodically for changes.

These Product Guidelines are incorporated into the Handshake Terms of Service. You can review the current version of the Handshake Terms of Service at any time here https://www.handshake.com/terms.

By listing your products on Handshake you acknowledge and agree:

  1. To comply with all applicable laws, rules and regulations, including safety, labeling, testing, warning, regional certifications and all other local laws, including applicable consumer protection laws;
  2. That you hold all necessary rights to offer for sale, and sell, every Product that you list on Handshake;
  3. Not to provide any false, inaccurate or misleading information about your Products; and
  4. To ensure that the Products you sell may lawfully be sold in your jurisdiction and in a Retailer’s jurisdiction.

The Handshake Terms of Service also incorporate Shopify’s Acceptable Use Policy, available at https://www.shopify.com/legal/aup. The listing of any product that would violate Shopify’s Acceptable Use Policy is prohibited, including any product or product listing that may promote, or be used to (i) exploit or abuse children, (ii) harass, bully, defame or threaten, (iii) promote or condone hate or violence , or (iv) contravene the laws of the jurisdictions in which the Supplier operates or does business, all as further stated in Shopify’s Acceptable Use Policy. Your compliance with the requirements of these Product Guidelines is a material condition of your participation as a Supplier on Handshake.

Product Eligibility

The following Products are ineligible and cannot be listed on Handshake:

  1. Prohibited Products

    1. Products related to illegal activities, or that are prohibited by law in their place of origin, destination, or any location through which such products may travel.

    2. Regulated products, or any product requiring a license for storage or distribution.

  2. Animal & Agricultural Products

    1. Animals, animal-containing products, and products containing animal fur (excluding products made from leather).

    2. Soil, or soil-enhancing products.

    3. Agricultural products (including plant seeds, fertilizers, pesticides, etc.).

  3. Perishable Products

    1. Products requiring temperature control or refrigeration.

    2. Products that are not shelf-stable.

  4. Hazardous Products

    1. Hazardous or dangerous goods (refer to the material safety data documentation from your manufacturer or supplier).

    2. Biohazards or any product that may contain contagions.

    3. Corrosive or oxidizing products (including bleach, peroxide, etc.).

    4. Explosives (including ammunition, fireworks, flares, etc.).

    5. Poison.

    6. Radioactive materials.

    7. Raw chemicals.

    8. Flammable or combustible products.

  5. Regulated Products

    1. Alcohol or alcohol-containing products.

    2. Prescription drugs.

    3. Products offered for sale in connection with any health claims (including medical devices, dietary supplements, weight-loss products, herbal remedies, etc.).

  6. Monetary Products

    1. Means of payment (including stamps, cash, or tokens).

    2. Loose precious stones.

    3. Precious metals in the form of bullion or reserves.

    4. Physical or digital gift cards.

    5. Currency, coins, cash, cash equivalents or fake currency.

    6. Bitcoin or any digital or cryptographic currency.

  7. Other Prohibited Products

    1. You may not offer goods or services, or post or upload Materials, that infringe on the copyright or trademarks of others, including counterfeit items or items that appear to be counterfeit.

    2. Consumable products for infants or children (including infant formula, infant food, etc.).

    3. Drug paraphernalia (including water pipes, hookahs, etc.).

    4. Ivory or ivory-containing products.

    5. Loose batteries (including lead-acid, and lithium batteries).

    6. Magnetized materials.

    7. Military or law enforcement equipment (including protective gear, restraints, night-vision devices, etc.).

    8. Products for which a consumer safety advisory or recall has been issued.

    9. Tobacco, tobacco-containing products, or any product that may contain nicotine.

    10. Vaping products.

    11. Weapons (including firearms, knives, pepper spray, tasers, aiming accessories, etc.).

    12. Firearm parts.

    13. Non-tangible products (including services and digital products).

    14. Human remains or body parts (including hair and teeth).

    15. Children’s car seats or children’s harnesses.

    16. Automotives.

    17. Piercing or tattoo guns.

    18. Stamps.

    19. Original artwork.

    20. Devices used in gambling.

    21. Products containing asbestos.

    22. Pre-owned products (including used, second-hand, and refurbished products).

    23. Any other products that we reasonably determine in our sole discretion to be inappropriate for availability on Handshake.

We have the right, but not the obligation, to monitor or investigate any Products and your use of the Services at any time for compliance with these Product Guidelines and the Handshake Terms of Service, or any other agreement between you and Shopify governing your use of the Services. Our determination of whether a violation of these Product Guidelines has occurred will be final and binding, and any action taken with respect to enforcing these Product Guidelines, including taking no action at all, will be at our sole discretion.


These Product Guidelines may be modified at any time by posting a revised version at https://www.handshake.com/product-guidelines. By continuing to use the Services or access your Account after a revised version of the Product Guidelines has been posted, you agree to comply with the latest version of the Product Guidelines.