100% Pure Essential Oils (1/2oz) (Sweet Orange) USDA ORGANIC

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  • USDA CERTIFIED ORGANIC: 100% Pure and organic essential oils.One of the best quality essential oils on the market from the real source of the plants.
  • 100% Money-Back Guarantee: If any of our oils does not meet your criteria then your money is back.
  • THERAPEUTICAL GRADE: All our oils are 100% pure and therapeutical essential oils.They are all tested and certified.Animal cruelty and chemical free.
  • From The US company to The US costumers: All our essential oils are made in US and distributed within US.
  • HIGH QUALITY GLASS BOTTLE W/ Orifice Reducers And Euro Dropper Caps - Our Lavender Essential Oil comes in an amber glass bottle to keep out UV rays and protect the oil against sunlight.Euro droppers prevent any waste or any spill in case of an accident..


origin - USA , Brazil , Mexico 

botanical name - Citrus Sinensis ( USDA ORAGNIC)

Plant Origin- Rind

extraction method - Cold Pressed 

Benefits of Orange Essential Oil:

  • Antimicrobial activity.
  • Anxiety and depression. Aromatherapy with orange essential oil appears to reduce symptoms of anxiety and depression.
  • Pain relief.
  • Anticancer and antioxidant activity.
  • Exercise performance. ...
  • Weight loss. ...
  • Insecticide activity.

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100% Pure Essential Oils (1/2oz) (Swe...