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Dry Shampoo + Body Powder - Great Expectations, Grapefruit Bergamot 

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Refreshment and Confidence, Simplified.

Feeling fresh goes beyond your underarms. You have other body parts that deserve strong odor and wetness control, but these sensitive areas require a gentle touch. Meet our multi-use Great Expectations, Grapefruit Bergamot Dry Shampoo + Body Powder, designed to eliminate odor and wetness along with excess products in your personal care kit and keep you looking and feeling your freshest, naturally.

Cleo+Coco Dry Shampoo + Body Powder is an amazing multi-use product that combines vegetable powders, activated charcoal, bentonite clay, and essential oils for powerful refreshment any time of day. Mineral-rich arrowroot powder has a lightweight feel and absorbs excess moisture to keep skin feeling dry, comfortable, and balanced. Bentonite Clay cleanses away impurities and bacteria, leaving skin feeling clean and nourished while absorbing odor and wetness. Activated Charcoal has a cleansing and purifying effect on skin, removing bacteria from pores and eliminating the root cause of odor. Grapefruit and bergamot oils offer an invigorated and renewed sensation to skin and spirit. 

The powerful formula is gentle on delicate skin and comes in a convenient pump bottle to perfectly accompany a busy lifestyle. Pat under breasts, between legs, and on underarms to absorb perspiration and eliminate odor. Sprinkle on hair and scalp to absorb oil and enliven second (or third) day hair. Or use as a dry shower when short on time for a feeling of instant revitalization.
You never need to sacrifice quality or safety for effectiveness. It is possible to have it all. We encourage you to choose the best for yourself. Because you deserve nothing less.

Great Expectations is our signature Grapefruit Bergamot Scent – an uplifting aroma that makes you feel like your best self as zesty grapefruit and orange lend a feeling of refreshment and elevated mood. The fresh, bright aroma of bergamot blends lightly with citrus, ensuring you will expect great things from your day. Perfect for women, men, and teens.


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Montebello, NY
Our Award-Winning Deodorant is a clean and effective mineral deodorant in a stick that glides on creamy and clear for all day odor control. A gentle complex of coconut oil, shea butter, bentonite clay and activated charcoal will neutralize odor, keep you dry and nurture you skin. Clean with Confidence We aim to raise the bar in personal care through our water-less formulas, zero-waste, plastic-free and refillable options. Choose whichever option you are most comfortable with and feel good that your purchase is Clean, Confident and Conscious.
Dry Shampoo + Body Powder - Great Exp...