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3-Alarm Garlic Parm

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Remember that feeling you had the last time you were lounging beside a roaring fire, feeling that warmth surround your body and that sweet aroma of someone cooking something extra garlicky and cheesy just wafting through the air?  Well, our 3-Alarm Garlic Parm is kinda like that, but in your mouth.  Our roasted peanuts are covered in garlic and parmesan cheese with just enough habanero and jalapeño to kick your internal furnace into overdrive.  So, grab some spicy nuts when you need that burnin' feeling.

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Hot Monkey Nuts

Minimum $63
Killingworth, CT
Got the Guts? Eat My Nuts! We are Hot Monkey Nuts, a spicy artisanal peanut company that creates deliciously spicy peanuts in 9 unique flavors and 5 heat levels. Greg started making his own flavored spicy peanuts in 2005 after trying countless spicy snacks that were hot, but bland in flavor. Cate, his wonderful wife (who might be writing this story), who also loved nuts but couldn't handle the heat, became the nut-taster before the hot pepper was added. What evolved were really flavorful AND spicy snacks! We shared our creations with friends, family, coworkers, and they LOVED our nuts. We knew we had something unique and we couldn't just keep it to ourselves. All of our products are all natural, non-GMO, and gluten free. They all come in a convenient 7.5 oz resealable pouch for snacking on the go, at home, at work, or in the great outdoors. When you taste our nuts, you'll experience the robust flavor followed by a rush of heat! With 5 different heat levels and 9 distinct flavors, you're bound to find a new favorite snack! If you've got the guts, grab yourself (pun intended) some nuts. You won't be disappointed. -Cate and Greg Hot Monkey Nuts Flavors: Cinnamonkey Spice- Mild Nacho Momma's Nuts- Medium Sour Screamin' Onion- Medium Jamaican Me Sweat- Medium Fromage a Trois- Medium 3-Alarm Garlic Parm- Hot Curry Up! I'm on Fire- Very Hot! Hot-Winged Reaper- Very Hot! Black Widow's Bite- INSANE!