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7" Wooden Fork (1000 count)

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  • 100% Natural Palm.  Biodegradable / Compostable
  • Disposable Palm Plates
  • Can hold hot and cold foods 
  • Strong and Elegant
  • Chemical-free / Non-toxic
  • Heat Resistant – Microwave and oven safe
  • Refrigerator-safe
  • Does not transfer taste 
  • Manufactured responsibly 

Made with natural and sustainable materials:

Each palm plate from the MaLurra Palm plates collection is made with natural palm leaves. This ensures that every Palm product is compostable and biodegradable. Do your bit and contribute to using lesser plastic and toxic material! Our planet is beautiful; let’s ensure it remains the same for our children.

Handcrafted to look Elegant and promote sustainability:

You can say this product is sustainable by just looking at it. The natural patterns work its magic and make it look like you’re eating off of wood. It’s the best eco-friendly alternative to Styrofoam and plastic. These products are made of pure palm leaves.

 Made to be durable:

Every product from the MaLurra Palm Collection can be used with hot and cold foods. It holds up perfectly against all leaks.

Disposable palm leaf forks are strong and durable. These can be used at functions like wedding, parties, birthdays etc. Disposable palm forks are made of fallen palm leaves. Best wholesale price. 

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Minimum $10
Malurra Manufactures and Distributes Disposable Dinnerware and Palm Leaf Party Plates. 100% Natural and Organic. Best Alternatives to Plastic and Paper Plates. Our Products are USDA Certified Biobased Products Our palm leaf dinnerware are made from 100% renewable biological sources. In manufacturing our products, no palm trees are cut, felled, or harvested. We only use dry palm leaves that shed naturally from palm trees. These naturally shed leaves are picked, graded, washed, cleaned, dried, and made into different sets of products with no glue, gum, or chemicals. Our products ship across the country, straight to you. With Warehouses in New Jersey and California, We ship across the country in 3-4 business days. To schedule a pick up, please email info@malurra.com MaLurra Dinnerware's Palm plate collection was designed to ensure that eco-friendly products look good and feel good! A 100% compostable and a green alternative to styrofoam, plastic and paper products coated with wax. We do not cut trees for our palm plates and bowls, they are made from the dry fronds of the tree. Only heat, water and palm leaves are used!