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75% Haiti + Coffee

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Haitian cacao and coffee all rolled up into a single bar- sweetened with honey, of course! This 75% Dark Chocolate features cacao from Haiti PISA and Brew for Impact coffee from Haiti farmers, as well (roasted by Kaldis’s). The specific blend of coffee offers more than meets the eye- the proceeds for this coffee go towards building and purchasing homes in North Saint Louis. The blend of coffee also helps fund local contractors to conduct the work. They then provide these safe, stable homes for families and follow up with seminars that focus on their needs.

Bringing an accessible and bold flavor to the cacao world isn’t the only thing Produits Des Iles SA (PISA) is doing. PISA launched their centralized processing facility in 2014, which was a revolutionary change for the way the cacao industry worked in Haiti, offering the first high quality Haitian cacao to the US market. Through private sector innovation, PISA partnered with farmers to give them what they really needed: pricing transparency, a consistent market, and an elimination of risk. Today, PISA still provides smallholder farmers access to the specialty cacao market by purchasing wet cacao, centrally fermenting it, and selling it at a higher price for its higher quality. PISA is poised to bring affordable organic beans to the craft chocolate market with an approachable flavor profile of classic chocolate, blueberries, caramel, and vanilla. We partner with PISA to support systems change and reduce structural inequities in Haiti, while acknowledging that the end goal for economic justice has yet to be met and will require long-term partnership across the chocolate value chain. (

All packaging used for this 2.2 oz bar is compostable. Honeymoon pledges to make an annual donation with each purchase to honeybee research via The Pollinator Partnership- see the back wrapper for more information on how to help save the bees!

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Honeymoon Chocolates officially began in a dorm room kitchen when Co-Founders Cam Loyet and Haley Loyet first began making bean-to-bar craft chocolate. Honeymoon specializes in bean to bar craft chocolate sweetened solely with raw honey. We are chocolate makers in solidarity with our cacao farmers through pledging to pay a premium for all cacao purchased. Many cacao farmers are not afforded internet, electricity, or even running water before craft chocolate companies such as Honeymoon offer them a chance for a better living wage. These hard-working families are our purpose- those keeping the tradition of growing cacao alive. Secondary to our brand is to allow our consumers to remove refined sugar from their favorite foods. A few positives in using honey compared to traditional cane sugar include a roughly 1.5 -2 time multiple in sweetness, a lower glycemic index of 55 compared to 68, and trace amounts of beneficial enzymes, vitamins, minerals. Not only do we give a portion of our proceeds to support honeybee research, but we also purchase directly from beekeepers which allows us to support apiarists.