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8pc handblown apothecary frosted glass set for DIY beauty recipes - Enver

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Why choose glass mixing apothecary accessories?
  • ingredient-neutral = will not oxidize your recipes or change pH of your beauty products
  • easy to wash, clean, and sanitize
  • handmade so that your beauty ritual is even more special

To take advantage of natural ingredients for the best skincare treatment, nothing should interfere with the ingredients' natural healing powers. Not only our set is custom handmade out of pure, lab-grade glass without ANY plastic mixed in, there is ZERO plastic in the entire set. We use high quality cork and glass only. And all is packaged in a beautiful handmade linen bag.

Inside our 8-piece set you will find:

  • funnel - for pouring liquids and powders
  • straw - use as a stirring stick or a dropper
  • mixing bowl
  • measuring spoon
  • 30 ml jar with mini spoon - great for storing clay powders, lotions, scrubs, mixed masque
  • 30 ml bottle - wonderful for storing facial tonics or mixtures of various oils
  • 15 ml bottle - great for oils and flower waters (just a smaller quantity)
  • 5 ml amphorae bottle - travel size mini container for 'on the go / travel' beauty regimen or for some precious oil, similar to Katari Barie.

The kit is packed in a handsome handmade linen bag that doubles as makeup travel bag.

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Katari Beauty

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Denver, CO
We travel. We source timeless & elemental Mediterranean beauty staples from the artisans we work with. We package in hand blown glass we make. Our single-ingredient beauty staples and handmade accessories proven by millenia and approved by hundreds of spas and boutiques in USA, Canada and Europe.
8pc handblown apothecary frosted glas...