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Adult Intention Set. Deck of intention cards and wood base.

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The Intention Set includes 20 intention cards, a direction card and wood base.

Inspired by my popular wood intention set stands I decided to create a more affordable print version with the same impact. The intention set was created with the purpose of helping you focus on what matters to you. From the moment we wake up we face choices and through each decision we carve out a life for ourselves. Use this deck to bring more intention into your daily decision-making. Do you want to bring creativity into your life? Practice mindfulness or stillness? Choose that intention and allow that to shape the choices you make throughout your day.

The process of intention-setting is an opportunity to have a daily check-in. If we don't do this then how do we know what we need and how to best take care of ourselves? Intentions help us live a life aligned with our values, they anchor us.

Card measurements: 3.5" x 3.5"

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The Salvaged Sawhorse is the place for self-care and self-love products. I create and illustrate affirmation cards and self - care decks, wellness planners and home decor that invite you lead a life of intention, self-love and connection. As a first-gen Latinx artist, I strive to make wellness tools that are accessible so you can find many of them in Spanish!