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Aervana Select Electric Wine Aerator

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The Aervana Select gives you the most control and flexibility of any aerating product yet. With the turn of a dial, the Aervana Select allows you to choose exactly the right amount of aeration for the wine being served.  Setting the dial to the zero degree position means the equivalent of pouring a glass straight from the bottle, or no aeration, while setting your dial to the maximum,or 120 degree position, approximately correlates to pouring a bottle into a decanter and expositing it to air for three hours.

With the same easy-to-use, push-button technology as the rest of the Aervana aeration line, the Select allows you to dispense wine directly into your glass with the push of a button.

Includes our stainless steel tube that telescopes to accommodate wine bottles from 750 ml to 1.5L and our counter top stand to elegantly store your Aervana Select.

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Minimum $280
Lisle, IL
Aervana holds the patent to the worlds first battery powered wine aerator. We have four main wine aerators that we have created and have been in business since 2015. It all began when our founder, Lou, and his daughter— in Sommelier training at the time— started taking home wines to taste and discuss together. As they stayed up nights sharing stories and impressions over wine, they realized properly aerating the wines that needed it tended to interrupt and distract from the wine experience.Luckily, in this case, a problem came together with passion and expertise. Lou, a product developer by trade, was able to spend five years testing and developing our flagship product, the Aervana Original wine aerator— simplifying aeration, while doing it well.