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African Rosewood

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Grown on the southernmost tip of the African continent, the African Rosewood is a tropical hardwood that is often used as luxury veneer. The rich grain, high density, and beautifully vibrant chocolate brown color makes it a perfect decorative lumber that adds a touch of warmth to your home.

Each of our seamless diffuser is handcrafted by a skilled artisan from a single block of fine wood. It absorbs essential oils to naturally provide a serene environment by slowly dispersing vibrant aromas in smaller areas. Elegantly designed, this diffuser doubles as a classy decor piece. No cords, plugs, or electricity is needed for use.

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Bedroom and workspace


African Rosewood

How to use

  • Due to the density of Rosewood, it takes about 15 minutes to completely absorb an essential oil into the wood.
  • Add 4 - 6 drops of your choice of pure essential oil on the top platform for 10 hours of vivid aroma.
  • For the Large Rosewood Diffuser, the aroma can reach up to 10 - 12 feet. Small Rosewood Diffuser diffuses 8 - 10 feet.
  • Scent begins fading after 12 hours.
  • To avoid commingling, wait 96 hours for scent of one essential oil to completely dissipate before adding a different scent.


Wood diffuser diffuses better with high quality 100% pure essential oils. Low quality oils are not as effective and may cause damage to the natural wood.

Due to the unprocessed nature of the wood, natural wood resin may appear over time but does not affect functionality of the diffuser.


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Top Diameter 1.9", Bottom Diameter 2.6", Height 5.7" (Large)

Top Diameter 1.6", Bottom Diameter 2.1", Height 4.7" (Small)

Product of South Africa

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Vorda (vörda) is a wellness tea importer and essential oil distributor based in Greater Los Angeles, California. We source the finest tea leaves and botanicals from around the world and are committed to offering premium handcrafted tea, unique essential oil blends and exquisite wood diffusers. Every tea and botanical uniquely incorporates Scandinavian design for a presentable gifting.