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Today $1.30 of your purchase joins the 13% BLUE TAX movement to support organizations working for gender equity. Thank you for doing good.

BLUE TAX Aftershave wants you to look good. This alcohol free formula feels great while it soothes and heals your face and won't dry out your skin. But, it's not just for men's faces. Anyone can use BLUE TAX Aftershave anywhere they choose to shave to help relieve irritation from shaving. 

The BLUE TAX signature scent is a synergistic union of myrrh, cedar, clove, spruce, and eucalyptus essential oils selected for their skincare properties and blended to envelop you in the mystery of being grounded and uplifted, feeling coolness and warmth, and surrounded by the aura of sweet and sexy.

Directions: Shake several drops into palm, rub hands together, and smooth onto skin.

2 oz. recyclable blue glass bottle

Ingredients: Witch hazel, Distilled water, Vegetable glycerin, Vitamin E, Essential oil blend

Women pay 13% more for personal care products- that's the pink tax- it's time to pay back the pink tax by donating to organizations committed to gender equity. Join the BLUE TAX movement to look good and do good at the same time.

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Blue Tax | Body + Care

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Duluth, MN
MISSION BASED | FEMINIST OWNED | ECO-CONSCIOUS | ONLY NATURAL | GENDER INCLUSIVE | BODY POSITIVE | Body care products that stand up to the pink tax- gender based price discrimination- women pay 13% more for personal products to total $1351 per year. | PINK TAX PAY BACK | YOUR BLUE TAX IS DONATED TO ORGANIZATIONS WORKING FOR GENDER EQUITY AND JUSTICE. ---------- WHAT'S IN BLUE TAX PRODUCTS? We don't believe in using man-made ingredients. We prefer woman made ingredients straight from mother nature. We use ingredients you can pronounce like: Shea butter, Coconut oil, Beeswax, Almond oil, Castor, Jojoba oil, Sunflower oil, Alcohol free witch hazel, Vitamin E, Garden herbs, and Essential oils.---------- WHAT'S NOT IN BLUE TAX PRODUCTS? When we say only natural, we mean it. Our products will never contain: BHA/BHT * Ethanolamines * Fragrance * Mineral Oil * Parabens * PEG * Phthalates * SLS/SLES * Toluene * Triclosan