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All Purpose Healing Balm

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The All Purpose Healing Balm was crafted with versatility in mind and nourishment at heart. We blend plant waxes, botanical oils, butters, and Hops from Divine Barrel Brewing to bring you an all-in-one plant based healing balm with a variety of uses:
  1. Heals and repairs dry, cracked skin.
  2. Soothes and heals irritated and chapped lips.
  3. Hydrates and nourishes beard and skin beneath, combats dandruff while providing a light hold to tame and maintain a neat appearance.
  4. Keeps tattoos vibrant and skin moisturized and soft.
Scent: Lavender + Eucalyptus + Blood Orange
Ingredients: Coconut Oil, Shea Butter, Candelilla Wax, Hops infused Safflower Oil, Hempseed Oil, Essential Oil Blend, Vitamin E.
Comes in a metal screw top tin.
Travel Size 1oz / 28g

Handmade in the USA - Charlotte, North Carolina Plant Based & Cruelty Free

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Trade Union Supply Co.

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Charlotte, NC
OUR PROMISE TO YOU. At Trade Union Supply, we blend quality ingredients with quality people to create exceptional hair care. Our approach is smart and sustainable; compassionate and committed; honest and humble. OUR CORE VALUES: We commit to quality, and that means using quality ingredients. It also means standing behind what we believe. These are our values. Think of them as promises - assurances, if you will, that what you get from us will look and feel just like you: conscientious, invigorating and human. #1. BETTER GROOMING MEANS BETTER INGREDIENTS. We believe what you put in is what you get out. That’s why we only use natural and plant-based waxes, oils and butters in our apothecary goods to enhance, complement and enrich your hair and skin. No harsh chemical fillers. No shortcuts. No animal testing. Only mindful ingredients for deliberate results. #2. SEE, FEEL AND TOUCH QUALITY. Quality and conviction are the heartbeat of our business. From the clean ingredients we source to the products we make, every facet of our brand reflects a deliberate decision focused on delivering plant-powered goods that help you flourish. #3. MADE BY US FOR YOU. All our goods are hand-poured and hand-packaged in small batches from our lab in Charlotte, N.C. Always made by us, in-house, just for you. #4. SUSTAINABILITY FIRST, PRESERVATION ALWAYS. We use a sustainable, eco-friendly process to make our goods. We’re not interested in wreaking environmental havoc to deliver on our brand promise.
All Purpose Healing Balm