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Amethyst (February) Birthstone Choker

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This gorgeous stone has been prized since the time of the ancient Greeks.  They associated these gems with the wine god, Bacchus, because of their “grape-like” color.  According to gemstone lore, amethyst jewelry keeps its wearer clear-headed and clever.  Leonardo da Vinci wrote that amethysts enhance intelligence and protect against evil thoughts.  Buddhists have believed that the crystals enhance meditation, and are often used for Tibetan prayer beads.  Many cultures associate this crystal with peace, balance, and courage, and ascribed it to the ability to cure insomnia and relieve pain. 

If you celebrate a February birthday, wearing amethyst can be a symbol of personal empowerment and inner strength.


Simplistic, natural beauty.  This sweet necklace can be worn by itself or layered with other natural beauties of the Margerite & Motte collection.  

14ct gold-filled chain and findings

model is wearing a 16 inch (standard) length necklace

genuine amethyst stone 


A portion of all sales is donated to conservation efforts by the South Carolina Aquarium.  To donate or learn more, please visit: 


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Minimum $300
Charleston, SC
Oysters are extremely important to the Lowcountry's ecosystem which is why there are so many oyster farms that line the coast to help keep our waters clean.  My tribute to these amazing mollusks is my jewelry.  Numerous shells are constantly being washed up onto the shore.  Instead of being discarded and forgotten, they now get to live on as gold-accented pieces of art.   I hand-gather each shell, either from the Battery downtown Charleston or James Island, and match them to their imperfectly perfect mate.
Amethyst (February) Birthstone Choker