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Amethyst Rose Gold Ring

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Let the dawn sky fall across this Amethyst Rose Gold Ring and fall in love with all the shades of soft fire, love and deep healing vibrations. Rose Gold is said to be charged with all the light and grace of the suns energy, radiating warmth, integrity and beauty. The Amethyst Stone is set within - bringing with it instant access to the heavenly plains and wild meadows of the cosmic imagination.

“With this ring I welcome the warmth of the endless sun as I prepare to leap to higher plains”


Often the choice of precious metal beloved by deep healers and teachers, Rose Gold is a glorious element. This delicate ring comes all the way from India with love, bringing with it centuries of stories, sublime spiritual growth, and the healing vibrations of this rare and splendid land. The Rose Gold glimmers with the promise of new dawns and deep dreams. It is a high-level amplifier that can cut through the news and send your body the information it needs to flow.

Rose Gold is strongly connected to the heart chakra, and Purple Amethyst is a close companion to the crown chakra. Together, they create a piece of jewelry so resplendent with healing vibes that you can be sure your chakra cup spills over with the lilt of love and self-healing.

Rose Gold also invites us to sit down with our intentions. While we are busy gently manifesting all that magic, that’s when the Amethyst benefits step in to do their work – endless serene vibes soak up all that negative energy that can split the body and muddy the sweet banks of the mind. Along with bringing deep positive relief, Amethyst also invites us to embrace spiritual awakening and to tap into our deepest wells of inspiration.


  • Rose Gold Plated
  • Comes in Sizes 6 - 9
  • Made in India with Love
  • Comes with a description card

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Amethyst Rose Gold Ring