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Animal Allies Two Oracle Cards

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Animal Allies Two Oracle Cards are an uplifting 60-card deck to awaken and deepen your connection to wild animal energies. A fold-out sheet with insight into each animal's unique energetic qualities is included. The deck is packaged in a beautiful, sturdy, 2-part, full-color box. 

Use this deck by itself to deepen your connection to and understanding of animal energies, or mix it with the first Animal Allies deck to use as one giant 120-card animal deck! The card backs are the same on both decks, so you can easily combine them.

You'll love holding these cards in your hands and using them in your daily life. They'll help you tune in to the potent + magical animal wisdom that's always available to you!

Wondering how to use the cards? Here's a quick tutorial! 


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I'm an artist and fabric + surface pattern designer in Portland, Oregon. I create colorful, magically uplifting artwork and products intended to inspire others to live courageous, honest, hope-filled lives. Many of my products are created right in my own studio! Some are manufactured overseas in larger quantities, like my oracle cards and journals. I started my business when I was just 22 years old and have now been a working artist for nearly 2 decades. My work is a balm for my soul! I hope it will be for your soul + your customers' souls, too. I've found that life can be messy. Sometimes beautiful, occasionally heart-breaking, most often complex, I find that art smooths out the rough edges, making the journey just a little lighter. Sharing my designs with others makes me feel connected. And it comforts me to know that my work might make people feel a little more connected, too. Everything I make is meant to help you: – Trust your inner voice. – Follow your heart. – Feel a little bit brighter + a little bit less alone. – Get through your day and keep going. In addition to manufacturing my own products, I license my artwork to others for branded products such as fabric, stationery, puzzles, books, and more. And I also teach online classes on topics like pattern design, color, and intuitive art-making. Every day is an opportunity to dig deep, get real, and create something meaningful. Welcome to my colorful world!
Animal Allies Two Oracle Cards