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Arvoli Honey Straws (Mixed Pack)

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There is a reason why we have heard constantly that "we have the best honey in the world."

Arvoli Honey Straw Mixed Packs come with:

- Elderberry Straws .37$ each -100
- Spicy Straws .37$ each -100
- Ginger Straws .37$ each -100
- Clove Straws .37$ each -100
- Hibiscus Straws .37$ each -100
- Stress-Less Straws .37$ each -100
- Spearmint Straws .37$ each -100
- Lavender Straws .37$ each -100
- Organic Raw Honey Straws .27$ each -200
* 1000 Straws --- 330$ Total for the Case

Our raw honey is Organic and remains unprocessed from hive to bottle and perfectly maintains all of the enzymes, amino acids, pollens, vitamins, and trace minerals naturally found in raw honey. We never use force filtering, which requires excessive heat and removes the benefits of the natural pollen honey contains. Our flavored honeys are infused with real herbs with a carefully calculated aging process, delicately filtered, and packed into straws.

These convenient 'on-the-go' straws will look amazing on your shelves and website; ESPECIALLY on your front counter as a last-minute purchase just like candy. They are the perfect "end cap."

On your first order we will provide an elegant glass jar and label for your honey straw display that comfortably holds 100 straws or less. We are open to white label agreements.

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Minimum $50
Plano, TX
Simplicity. Patience. Authenticity. We believe in healthy, authentic ingredients. Period. Just one ingredient can offset the health benefits of an entire recipe. So instead of surfing the chemical tide, we proudly set ourselves aside from other flavored honeys with our 'Long Road' approach. No concentrates or extracts, no flavorings or colorings; just raw honey patiently aged with whole herbs and spices. This process requires a lot of time and effort but we have found the results to be worth the difficulties. With a simple ingredients list, what you see is what you get with us. There is a clear reason why so many people claim that we have "the best honey they have ever tasted." All exaggerations aside... our honey really is the best honey in the world
Arvoli Honey Straws (Mixed Pack)