Baba Black Lager Bar 75% cacao - Dark Chocolate

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Origin - Peru, Ucayali 

78% cacao content  -  Net wt. 1.25 oz.

We love beer--almost as much as we love chocolate.  Infusing cacao nibs with an organic black lager creates flavors of coffee, fruit, and subtle smoke, achieving a fabulous culinary combination.  Find out just how intoxicating chocolate can be.

Ingredients: Raw Organic Cacao Beans, Raw Organic Cacao Butter, Raw
Unfiltered Honey, Uinta Baba Black Lager

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The Chocolate Conspiracy

Minimum $200
Salt Lake City, UT
Bean-to-bar chocolate bars and drink mix. Peruvian Cacao from Ucayali region. Sweetened with honey and coconut palm sugar. All additional ingredients are organic and natural: Spices and herbs, essential oils, vinegars, freeze tried fruits, salts, and teas.
Baba Black Lager Bar 75% cacao - Dark...