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Bird Chatter Greeting Card Box Set

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Perfect as a gift for the bird-lover in your life or to send your own notes. This set includes 5 greeting cards, each featuring a different bird (one of each).

American Kestrel
FRONT: "Vegan just wasn’t my thing."
BACK: "As the smallest and most common falcon in North America, American kestrel hover mid-air as they hunt their next meal."

Belted Kingfisher
FRONT: "I'm growing my bangs out."
BACK: "Belted kingfishers plunge headfirst into the water after their fish prey. Their active lifestyle inevitably leads to high-maintenance hairstyle regret."

Western Meadowlark
FRONT: "I've had this song stuck in my head all day."
BACK: "Western meadowlarks often perch on sagebrush to sing their distinctive, flute-like warbled song over and over and over."

Dark-eyed Junco
FRONT: "I was foraging before the hipsters."
BACK: "Dark-eyed juncos are small, North American birds known for their “paint dipped” black head, white outer tail feathers, and ability to live off the land because their survival actually depends on it."

Downy Woodpecker
FRONT: "Knock-knock ..."
BACK: "Downy woodpeckers are the smallest North American woodpecker. But even small, cute, and unassuming knock-knock jokes get old."


Alpinecho greeting cards are printed on heavy, white matte cardstock (no-smudge / easy to write on with both pens and pencils).

  • Blank inside
  • Printed in the USA on ethically milled paper
  • (A2) 4.25" x 5"
  • Set of 5 (one of each)
  • Kraft envelopes included

Illustration and design by Sarah Dielle Anderson.

Printed in the USA

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Minimum $150
Laporte, CO
What makes us different? Traditional artwork on modern outdoor goods. Our designs are hand drawn and painted in the great outdoors. Sarah’s creative style has been described as “a lost art”. But there’s nothing lost about it. In fact, it’s about finding beauty in the full outdoor experience (dirt, blisters, majestic views and all). Simple tools like ink, watercolor paint, and paper allow her to capture the best views as she experiences everything it takes to get there. High quality goods made with integrity. Our products are thoughtfully designed in Colorado and manufactured, printed, and assembled in the USA. Keeping manufacturing close to home ensures that our products are indeed Honest Outdoor Goods. Feel free to email us at with any questions. We look forward to working with you!
Bird Chatter Greeting Card Box Set