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Birth Month Seed Pendant Add-On Sets for Wholesale

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This listing is meant for wholesale purchase and includes a bundle of four of each month purchased. Shop the birth month seed starter sets here:

Birth Month Seed Necklace 

  • January - Carnation, a symbol of affection.

  • February - Violet, a symbol of faithfulness.

  • March - Daffodil - a symbol of rebirth.

  • April - Daisy, a symbol of hope.

  • May - Hawthorn, a symbol of hope and happiness.

  • June - Rose, a symbol of love

  • July - Larkspur (delphinium), a symbol of grace.

  • August - Poppy, a symbol of peace.

  • September - Aster, a symbol of powerful love.

  • October - Cosmos, a symbol of order peace, and serenity.

  • November - Chrysanthemum, a symbol of pure love.

  • December - Holly, a symbol of a wish for happiness.

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Minimum $250
Garden Valley, CA
A love of nature and all things flowers inspired Whitney, the maker and owner at Seed & Soil, to preserve real bits of dried botanicals in a wearable form. She loves to highlight the incredible details of nature in a timeless and minimal aesthetic. The traditional symbolism of each botanical is printed on a tag included with each piece, adding extra meaning and inspiration. Whitney and her small team work out of her bright little studio. Located in California, at the foothills of the Sierra Nevada mountains. Every piece of jewelry is made by hand, in small batches, with love and care.
Birth Month Seed Pendant Add-On Sets ...