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birthday decades black + gold

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Happy 60th birthday to your favorite person! 60th birthday party decorations made easy for you to set up and your guests will enjoy reminiscing over their favorite moments from previous decades. Mix and match to walk through the years, or stick with one decade to celebrate.

8 panels::
4 panels of pop culture, prices, events, and other fun facts from the decade
4 panels with cheers, celebrate, years in the decade, in the year...

metallic colors are flat representations, not foil.

5.75″ tall

ships flat. remove from package and bend back into shape to stand on your table.

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Minimum $100
Hartland, WI
Making a connection beyond typical small talk brings great joy to your day. You can barely suppress a smile knowing someone is thinking of you, and you relish in the fact that they want to share a moment just with you. Maybe you’re not “crafty” or a Writer, but recognizing important days and events is satisfying. Feeling connected and a part of something brings a smile to your day – I love helping make that happen. I create table centerpieces, greeting cards, and designs that get people talking at your event. Clients send me notes excitedly saying they were the hit of the party and they had to be sure and grab one before they were gone. My inspiration comes from architecture, nature and the people I meet. These are all my paintings, sketches, and artwork. It’s human nature to desire that feeling of belonging. To experience that delight and spread that joy to someone else in your life, browse the shop to find something personal + memorable today. smiles :: sharing moments in life everyday smiles, megan