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Black Seed Oil | 100% pure, cold-pressed oil for clear skin

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Used since the time of Pharaohs, Black Seed Oil is known to cure 'all but death', as legend has it. It is a powerful free-radical fighting oil. Recent studies have shown that one of the oil's main compounds, thymoquinone, has potential in cancer research.
Black seed is a wonderful at keeping keeping skin naturally clear and free of breakouts.
And so much more:
  • powerful skin clearing oil
  • works great on skin rashes and insect bites
  • helps tackle most skin ailments (read this blog post in-depth info)
  • of course, it is VEGAN, & CRUELTY-FREE
  • it has only 1 ingredient - 100% pure cold-pressed oil
  • great for oily skin and breakouts
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    We travel. We source timeless & elemental Mediterranean beauty staples from the artisans we work with. We package all our products in hand blown glass we make. Our single-ingredient beauty staples and handmade accessories are proven by thousands of years and are used by over 300 spas and natural beauty stores in USA, Canada, Europe and Asia.
    Black Seed Oil | 100% pure, cold-pres...