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Blue Smoke

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It's Thursday night at the jazz club. His favorite trio is playing and a certain blissfulness is permeating through the air. When suddenly, coming into the room, she caught his eye. She was attractive, stylish, and confident he thought. And perhaps a little edgy? He watched as she walked across the room under the glimmer of the blue stage lights. And as she walked by his table, he caught the scent of the perfume she was wearing. It smelled like nothing he had smelled before. It was a mysterious and intoxicating mix of sultry sophistication and uninhibited passion that lingered with biting sensuality. But it fit her so well; it fit them so well. It was sexy. There was something familiar in it. What was it? "Smoke," he said to himself. He smiled, and realized in that moment, he had to meet her.

Because where there's smoke........

Blue Smoke. Wear it and start the fire.

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Minimum $225
Milton, MA
BLUEHILL Fragrances are masterfully crafted in New England by perfumer Sandy Carr with a genuine devotion to quality, which is why her small-batch perfumes will likely be your favorites. They’re sophisticated enough for life’s bigger moments, yet delicate enough for work environments, too. And keep coming back to find small-batch limited editions to round out your offerings. There's one coming soon.