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Body Brush - Dry Skin Brushing

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Dry brushing is using a brush or exfoliator to stimulate the skin which helps to increase internal circulation.  

Before showering or bathing, use your hand brush and start brushing the skin in circular movements starting with the extremities and moving toward the heart.  This both stimulates the skin, exfoliates and increases internal circulation toward the heart.  Pay extra attention to thicker skin at the knees, elbows and glutes.  Also the perfect time to dry brush the feet!  

The reason that dry brushing has been popular throughout history is that without the slip of water/product, the skin friction is greater dry.  

The great thing about this hand brush is that you can use it dry or wet!  Use it weekly for dry brushing and daily wet with soap or your favorite body scrub.  Either way, stimulation and exfoliation is a very healthy way to keep healthy circulation and eliminate dry skin that can block pores.

Made from Bamboo and natural boar bristles.  Rinse after use and hang up to dry.


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