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bug off butter for dogs

All Natural Handcrafted Balm to Banish Biting Bugs

Today's more aware customers want natural formulations for their dogs, especially when it comes to insect repellants. Bug Off Butter is your dog's natural alternative to repel nasty biting bugs in a long-lasting balm formulation. 

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The Blissful Dog began as a way to solve a problem. For 25+ years I had bred and shown #1 Ranked, BIS winning French Bulldogs (yes, I channeled some Best in Show vibe). French Bulldogs have a predisposition toward having a dry, crusty nose and back in 2001 there was nothing natural on the market for that issue. One day I dabbed some shea butter on their noses and the next day those noses looked better! The lightbulb flickered. For a while I gave my creation to friends until I realized I was giving a LOT away. I cobbled the first website together using Adobe GoLive and A PayPal button, yes ONE button and The Blissful Dog was a business. Soon, Paw Butter, Elbow Butter and Boo Boo Butter were added to the product line, to the relief and delight of dogs everywhere. Then aromatherapy and shampoos were added. The light bulb flickered brighter. Fast forward through all the hard work, recipe tweaking and business building stuff to today... The Blissful Dog has been 100% bootstrapped and was a one-woman show for the first few years. Only a very few years ago did I add to the team and now we have several full-time and part-time dog crazy team members! In 2016 we moved The Blissful Dog to The Blissful Farm, a 40-acre farm that had been in one family for over 100 years. We are now entrusted as caretakers of this truly blissful bit of earth. Now we have plenty of room for expansion and can add more animals to add to the mix. The Blissful Dog has, from day one, been about helping dogs be healthier, happier and yes, more blissful. We have not varied from that goal and every decision is driven by what is best for the end consumer...your dogs and ours.