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Calistoga Seaweed Mask 2oz

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A mineral-enriched facial mask that cleanses and tones the skin. Rejuvenates skin with the benefits of seaweed. Look and feel more beautiful! 

Our Calistoga Facial Masks are mineral-enriched masks that tone and tighten the skin. Their use of mineral-rich clays draws out toxins and impurities from the skin for a clearer and healthier complexion. As the masks dry on the face, they also stimulate circulation, open the pores, and help moisturizers applied afterward absorb more effectively into the skin.


Sea Clay, Kelp, Spirulina, Pascalite Clay


Mix 1/2 tsp of the mask with an equal amount of water until creamy and apply evenly over the entire face and down the neck if desired. The masks are most effective when first hydrated. Allow the mask to dry for about 15 minutes, rinse the face with warm water, and use a moisturizer such as our Beautiful Skin Facial Cream afterward. We recommend the Calistoga Mud Mask be used every other day while the Seaweed Mask can be used daily. Both Calistoga Facial Masks can also be used for full body wraps as well.


The Calistoga Facial Masks are available in two types: a Mud Mask and a Seaweed Mask. With its blend of seaweed and mineral-rich clays, the Calistoga Seaweed Mask cleanses skin of all types and is especially beneficial for adding immune-system benefits and strengthening collagen. The Calistoga Seaweed Mask includes spirulina and kelp to gently cleanse all skin types and is especially nice for hydrating and renewing mature skin.

Our Calistoga Facial Masks come in a dry powder form which allows them to be free of any preservatives and also provides you the option of mixing the mask with your choice of wet ingredient. Blend it with pure water, floral water, essential oils, yogurt, honey, or even avocado to create a custom facial!

Customers who have used the Calistoga Facial Masks have experienced fresher, more beautiful skin. They’ve told us that the masks have noticeably smoothed wrinkles, cleared blemishes, and even calmed swelling from severe spider bites!

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