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Alpine Getaway is fresh and piney, like walking through an evergreen forest on a cold winter day

Top Notes: eucalyptus, mint

Mid Notes: cypress, pine

Base Notes: tonka bean, smoke 

High quality, phthalate-free fragrances in a neutral, minimalistic car diffuser that provides lasting fragrance for 30-60 days  

Net Weight: 6 mL


Directions for use:

1. unscrew the wooden lid and remove the plastic stopper

2. screw the wooden lid back on securely

3. tip the bottle for only a couple seconds to allow the fragrance to wet the wooden lid. We recommend replacing the stopper after tipping to ensure no spilling occurs!

WARNING: if you tip for too long the fragrance has the potential to clog the wood and leak. Spilled oil can be corrosive — immediately wipe with a cloth in the event any oil is spilled!

4. tie/hang from your rear view mirror

5. re-tip to refresh the fragrance and replace the stopper — we do not suggest re-tipping until the fragrance currently on the lid is fully dry to prevent leaking

Amber & Wood is not liable for damages caused by spilled oil. If you spill any oil wipe away immediately with a cloth. By purchasing this product you release Amber & Wood from any liability. In the event that you receive a damaged item please email us at hello@amberandwoodco.com so we can replace it. If you choose to use a damaged item we are not responsible for any damages that may occur

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Minimum $150
Valparaiso, IN
In 2017 I was suffering from severe postpartum depression and instantly fell in love with every aspect of candle making! Being able to create something that I knew could help others cope in the same way it helped me was encouraging and gave me a unique purpose. The more I researched my craft the more I learned about the dark side of candles that not many are aware of. I learned all about the negative health effects of most store bought, mass produced candles and immediately vowed to create a candle that was not only health conscious, environmentally friendly, and cruelty free but that still maintained a great scent throw and could truly provide a unique aromatherapy option. After I gave birth to my youngest son we discovered he had a heart defect and would eventually need open heart surgery. Even more so I began researching and trying to eliminate harmful, toxic chemicals from our home. I discovered how expensive most natural based products are and saw that there was a need in the market for natural based products that were affordable for the every day, working individual. Realistically most cannot afford to spend $30 on a soy candle when they're living paycheck to paycheck. Amber & Wood Co. is that gap in the market! We will always ensure that our products are affordable enough that anyone who's interested in reducing toxic chemicals from their lives has the ability to do so.