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Cat Bowl Stand

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You asked for it, so we created it! This elevated cat bowl stand is the perfect match for our best-selling, stainless steel cat food and water bowls. Some cats find eating from a raised bowl more enjoyable! Plus, raised cat bowls may reduce neck and joint strain, helping cats that are older, bigger boned, arthritic, or have digestive issues.

  • 100% Made in the USA from U.S.-sourced materials
  • Sturdy base raises bowl 3 inches, a safe height for cats
  • Heavy weight for no slips or tips
  • Dishwasher safe

Best Materials: Americat Company uses the highest quality stainless steel (304 series and U.S.-sourced) for our cat bowls and stands

Care: Stand is dishwasher safe or clean by hand as needed. Remove and clean cat bowls daily. Give each cat their own bowl stand to promote peace

Size: 6.5 x 6.5 x 3 inches. Designed to hold Americat Company stainless steel cat food and water bowls 3 inches above the ground

To learn more about our 5-star rated cat bowls and order additional bowls for your stand, visit Americat Company stainless steel cat food and water bowls 

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Wexford, PA
Americat Company creates cat products in the USA for safety, quality, and peace of mind. Americat Company carefully selects materials that are non-toxic, safe for cats (and their human family), and U.S. sourced. Diane Danforth was shopping for presents for her rescue cats Penny (a tortie) and Bella (an orange tabby). She was shocked at how hard it was to find made in the USA cat products. She thought, surely, there must be other cat lovers also looking for safe, high-quality, American-made cat products. Thanks to a great team, a lot of hard work, and the support of cat lovers across the country, Americat Company was born. Shop our American-made, safe, high-quality, and environmentally-friendly cat products!