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We are so happy to launch our very own Imagination Starters Chalkboard Crayons.  These are have a unique formula that is non-toxic, washable and wipes off with just water.  These work great on our placemats and flash cards and even glass!  They do also work on non-porous chalkboard but since no one ever knows if their board is, use caution and test in a corner to be safe.

Colors included: Red, Orange, Yellow, Green, Blue, Purple, White, and Brown


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Cedar Springs, MI
Once upon a time there were 2 moms who made chalkboard placemats for their kids. They both thought their products were not quite right. One didn't erase very well and the other was very messy. So instead of competing against each other, they decided to collaborate to make the best chalkboard placemat ever. From that moment on, Imagination Starters was born. Imagination Starters focuses on creating products that encourage non-digital creative play for kids and fun adults. Our best-selling placemats are sold in over 1000 stores nationwide and have even been featured in a really popular chicken restaurant and Good Morning America. We make use both US and import manufacturing to create our products. If you exclusively sell items made in the USA, please message us as we can make sure that you are getting 100% Made in the USA items. We also can custom print your design on any size of our mats. What a fun way to make your own products with a low minimum of 24 pieces! Imagination Starters is 100% woman owned and operated. We are based in West Michigan and love working and living in this community. Thank you for buying from us. It makes a world of difference in our day. -Anne, Leah, Shannan and Tracy