Chardognay + Zinfantail Anise Plush Series Dog Wine Chew Toy

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Indroducing the all original Anise Plush Dog Chew Toy Series. Each toy is meticulously hand sewn to the highest quality and inconspicuously filled with 100% organic anise seed wrapped in hand sewn cloth to mimic the smell of prey. 

Everyone knows that cats love catnip, but did you know that dogs are nearly as crazy about the herb anise? In fact, foxhounds follow a trail that is created by dragging a sack that has been doused in anise oil. In greyhound racing, the artificial hare that is used to urge the dogs to run is also covered with the scent of anise. Anise has a strong licorice-like flavor and scent that most dogs find exciting.

Some dogs are more affected by anise than others, but any dog will enjoy the scent and flavor of this herb either as seeds or as an essential oil of anise.

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In 2015, I launched Apollo Peak Cat Wine, the very first commercially viable "cat wine" that was a mix of catnip, water and beet juice as a fun and unique new product. Since then, I have grown this brand as a fun and unique gift idea for cat lovers and dog lovers alike. This product, no matter the placement, is a sure fire way to garner interest in stores and adds spice to product lines and shelf presence. I look forward to expanding PetWineShop to help drive more awareness of the original product idea and grow this product as the most recognizable pet product in stores in 2021.
Chardognay + Zinfantail Anise Plush S...