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Upgrade your beauty regime with Clean Swabs - The Ultimate Cotton Swabs.

The Top – Supersized and cleverly shaped to clean off stubborn eye make up.

The Bottom – Thin and pointy allows to accurately touch up eyeliner, mascara, Lipstick and nail polish.



Made with 100% Organic Cotton Fibers.

Grown without pesticides or added chemicals.

Recommended to use with our natural cleansing product line.

Stick made from 100% Bamboo.

Disposable & Biodegradable.

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Clean Skin Club

Minimum $200
City of Industry, CA
Clean Skin Club launched in January 2019 with a mission to introduce innovative and unique products to the skincare industry. We take pride in improving conventional skincare hygiene tools and formulating natural, vegan, cruelty free skin care products that are safe to the skin without compromising quality and effectiveness. Our skincare and hygiene creations are diligently curated to the highest of standards- starting from their source, to their formulation, and to their packaging. Our best-selling, original creation, Clean Towels, are the world's first single-use, biodegradable, and compostable facial towel. This dry towel is made of premium viscose sourced from sustainable eucalyptus plantations and bamboo. The Clean Towels have multiple uses, but are primarily used to dry your face after cleansing for a bacteria-free towel each time. Use wet as a cleansing cloth paired with your cleanser, and with makeup removing balms, oils, and face masks for additional exfoliation.