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Clear Quartz Rose Gold Ring

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Clear Quartz is where the tough touch meets gentle harmony. One of the most durable rock crystals in the world, this Clear Quartz Rose Gold Ring embraces the calming energy of compassion and blends it with the deep clarity of Quartz so you can radiate in self-worth and unbridled beauty.

“I open my heart to the four corners, the four elements, and the finery of being”



The color of starlight, Clear Quartz earns its accolades as the master healer. Shimmering with cleansing vibes, the diamond colored Quartz is famed for its ability to shoot positive energy through the chakras, unblocking negative build-ups and ensuring your aura stays soft, soothed and ever ready to bathe in ethereal light.

When matched with the desert sunset touch of Rose Gold, this precious metal serves to amplify the spiritual powers of the Clear Quartz ring. The touch of alchemy, Rose Gold holds the fine-tuned frequency of the divine feminine and is rumored to hold connections with angelic forces, to bring warmth, radiance, and a healing light to all that wear her. Those who are sensitive souls will further feel the nurturing touch of Rose Gold and will welcome abundant blessings and a deeper appreciation of self-love.

When these two elements come together, they create a Quartz Ring that sings with clarity, calmness, and physical power. This stone represents all chakras, and all four elements – gazing into the fiery ice, you can almost feel the wind whisper in your ear, the flame flicker beneath your skin, the water wash away all pains, and the earth solid and sublime beneath your feet. For those who crave balance, purity, and energy flow from the crown to the root, you could not invest your energy in a more radiant stone than the rock crystal of Clear Quartz.


  • Rose Gold Plated
  • Comes in Sizes 6 - 9
  • Made in India with Love
  • Comes with a description card

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Clear Quartz Rose Gold Ring