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Do you want your doggo’s duds to stand out during walks? Our beautiful green dog collar is an essential accessory for every modern-day dog owner. Inspired by the bright and lively green that characterizes some of the streets of New York City, the Approved by Fritz's durable collar is a real eye-catcher. We are a New York-based sustainable pet lifestyle brand that offers durable dog accessories, including a green dog collar. We make everything in our inventory in an eco-friendly environment. The PVC-coated green dog collar is just one of the many items in our collection for your furry friend.

Size Guide


Minimum Collar Length (neck size)                8.5 inch            21 cm

Maximum Collar Length (neck size)               12 inch            31.5cm

Collar Width                                                    0.5 inch           1.3 cm

Fits best to small dogs under 20lb that (look) like Pug, Schnauzer, Chihuahua, Toy Poodles etc.


Minimum Collar Length (neck size)                  10 inch         25.5 cm

Maximum Collar Length (neck size)                  15.5 inch       39.5 cm

Collar Width                                                       0.67 inch         1.7cm


Minimum Collar Length (neck size)                13 inch             33 cm

Maximum Collar Length (neck size)                21 inch            53 cm

Collar Width                                                      0.9 inch           2.5cm


Clean your collar with lukewarm water and a touch of dishwasher soap. Dry with a clean tea towel. As easy as it sounds, please do not use the dishwasher or washing machine to clean the collar.

A Green Dog Collar Is Adjustable, Lightweight, and Durable

The green dog collar is a sustainable, color-blocked, and lightweight must-have accessory made from eco-friendly materials. The following are some of the outstanding features of these green dog collar:

  • Easily adjusted to the custom neck size
  • Easy to clean after a long walk in the park (just use lukewarm water and a touch of dishwater soap)
  • Lightweight and comfortable
  • Durable
  • Fun and appealing


Of course, there are also other vibrant colors to choose from. Purchase a red dog collar, for instance, or go with a different style entirely and choose a checkered dog bandana.

Choose From Distinct Colors and Pick Your Favorite Green Dog Collar

A PVC-coated green or red dog collar from Approved by Fritz helps keep your dog happy and confident. The green dog collar will assure you of your dog's safety and comfort. Do you have questions about our items, or would you like to know more about our company? Contact us via contact@approvedbyfritz.com or fill out our contact form.

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Minimum $150
Queens, NY
Hey there, this is "approved by Fritz" a new pet lifestyle brand. We don't want to see boring colors anymore on dogs. We create a colorful, modern, and sustainable lifestyle for you and your dog. Fritz, our CEAO Chief Entertainment and Approval Officer ;-) is a rescue from South Carolina, a happy pup that is also a little stubborn and spoiled. As a modern dog mom, Danielle, wants to make sure all dogs get the best treatments they can. That being said, in the end, it's the dog, Fritz who approves ;-). During the lockdown, New York City was left behind and kept alive by all the dogs and their owners. The city that used to be filled with a busy city lifestyle, showed its beauty with its iconic color combinations. For example, color combinations of New York subway seats, yellow and orange or lilac and grey. Usually the seats are filled with people, but during the pandemic, it showed its beauty and happiness, even when it was empty. Also, when Danielle walked from Long Island City to Brooklyn, there are lots of colorful murals and garages that are beautifully painted. While the neighborhood was empty, the colors and people with their dogs kept the city alive. Our mission is to create a modern, colorful and sustainable pet lifestyle products for the modern-day dog owner. Not only for a few year, but forever!