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DASTI Summer Vinyl PVC Handbag Wareproof Beige

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  • 🏖️ FOR SUMMER LOVERS: Waiting for the long-awaited summer? With a glossy bright see through purses and handbags, summer will be brighter and sunny
  • 🏖️ ALL ESSENTIALS WILL BE DRY in a DASTI Clear Purses for Women that waterproof, no matter whether you are on the beach, chill by the pool or just on a rainy day you have to save your expensive purse or documents
  • 🏖️ UNIQUE, SIMPLICITY AND CUTE, designed by DASTI: simple lines of clear vinyl handbags and transparent handles make this handbag a real Fine for those who love authentic things
  • 🏖️ CARTERAS TRANSPARENTES DE MUJER is roomy large carrying messenger and convenient for carry personal items and easy access to them
  • 🏖️ THE MOST DELICIOUS AND BRIGHT COLORS in the Clear Purses and Handbags collection of DASTI for a beach holiday, will make your summer more bright and your holiday photos will sparkle with new stylish ideas with Colored Clear Plastic purses on it
  • Clear transparent carteras mujer beach bags women large totes travel handbags cute buffalo dasti

    At DASTI we have recently introduced a new product in our acrylic line. It is luminous iridescent, transparent handbags and tote acrylic bags and today we want to give you a ton reasons you can’t miss out on them!

    We believe that every single day is special: no matter sunshine or rain outside.

    And every single day we have a million reasons to be special....

    A spacious structured tote gets a street-chic update with an of-the-moment transparent shell with faux buffalo handles.

    There are a million other reasons to have a transparent holographic bag in your wardrobe:

    - it can become a rain cover on a cloudy day for your favorite lovely bag

    - a beach bag for sunny summer day to safe your belongs dry

    - a bag for the pool with your favorite magazine and cocktail of the day

    - a bag for shopping

    - a bag for stadium for your favorite sport game....

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    Street-chic style...

    A spacious structured holographic prism tote gets a street-chic update with an of-the-moment transparent shell.

    tote buffalo handles acrylic handbags bags glitter prism reflective iridescent purses luminous bag

    Features of Iridescent acrylic DASTI bag


  • Lightweight handbags
  • Open top
  • Exterior, logo at center front.
  • Faux buffalo handles

    holographic carteras mujer purses iridescent summer party vegan womans rainbow bolsos reflective

    A Million reason to go with....

    Vacation, travel, beach, work, shopping, meeting with friends, playground, walking in the park, boating, bowling, club, restaurant and so on and so on... This transparent iridescent shiny bag always will be spectacular accessories.

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    Mix it up easy literally with everything and create your own vibrant new look. Catch sunshine in your bag and tons of compliments on you.


    Put into it beach towels, lovely books, your favorite drinks and still there will be enough room for something else.


    Because of their characteristics acrylic bags have a style of their own. Acrylic bags are fashionable and more and more people choose them as a complement for going shopping, to work o just for going out and enjoying their leisure time.


    The bag made of a recycled water bottle and it is recyclable.

    Just recycle it at the right time.

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    The Summer

    A mouth-watering combination of luminous shiny acrylic, chic details, and unquestionable authenticity, the DASTI designer handbag is a woman’s ultimate confidence booster.

    For the fortunate wearer of fancy styled holographic handbags and acrylic tote, a DASTI bag screams to the world, let's enjoy the Summer!

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Minimum $35
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DASTI is a colorful brand of clothes, shoes and accessories.
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