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DEK of Cards: døgn (Norway) - Impeccably Designed Scandinavian Playing Cards

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Every DEK employs the rich, impeccable design of a specific locale’s unique aesthetic in our diverse world. Each DEK’s name is a word in the country’s native language which embodies the personality of local life.

DEK • døgn (pronounced “DOG-n”) is a Norwegian word. It means the day plus the night (all 24 hours). In English, saying “I worked all day” likely means you only worked during daylight hours. Or, if you say, “I stayed up all night,” it’s possible you napped the next day. 
But, if you say “I worked a whole døgn,” or “I stayed up a whole døgn,” that’s saying something more remarkable.

Norway’s northern location makes for 18 hour winter nights, and 19 hour summer days. Pitch black and bright white. This døgn DEK has an entirely new original design, with the hearts and diamonds card faces in bright white, and the spades and clubs card faces in pitch black.


  • 52 high-quality poker-sized playing cards + 2 jokers
  • Gorgeous Scandinavian design from Norway
  • Bright white & deep black with fine linen air-cushion finish
  • Thick 300gsm cards with dense black core
  • Sampler of The Rank Game, Toy Fair NY Favorite Pick

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Minimum $100
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DEK of Cards: døgn (Norway) - Impecca...