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10 Dread Skull Case Pack.

Stainless Steel pocket tool featuring a bottle opener, prybar, and 1/4 hex.

Made from 1/8 stainless, blasted with 220 grit aluminum oxide, and hand-finished. 

Whether you need to crack a frosty boy, pry open a can, pry a nail from your boot, or anything else. The Dread Skull has you covered. 

Unfortunate situations are common, stay prepared with a pocket tool that works.

Your new Dread Skull is a seriously effective bottle opener, 1/4 hex, and Pry Bar. 

Often times we are asked WHY a pocket pry bar? What's the use? Well, 99% of people that purchase a pry bar end up carrying it on a DAILY basis.

It becomes a true everyday carry item.  It's one of those things you can't really explain to people.

Yeah sure, we can tell you 500 different uses for a pry bar ranging from opening a paint can, lifting a flap of flesh so you can pull out debris from a wound, or opening a split ring with it.

BUT in reality, once you carry one you will find yourself using it on a daily for random tasks. Everyone develops their own uses. 

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We've been crafting high end 100% made in the USA everyday carry pocket tools since 2015. With over 20,000 satisfied customers, over 30k. Instagram followers, and high converting products, you won't be disappointed. Specializing in prehistoric bottle openers, small pocket tools, pry bars and more. Email us at support@viceanviltactical.com
Dread Skull - EDC Pocket Tool Wholesale