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Eucalyptus Shower Steamers Set (6 units)

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Experience the healing effects of steamwithout (mental) fog!

One set contains 6 shower steamers, reflecting 3 moods with underlying scents:

  • 2x Eucalyptus Lavender (Repose) - peaceful, restorative, serene: "Rest & recuperate."
  • 2x Eucalyptus Peppermint (Refocus) - fresh, calming, rejuvenating: "Clear chest, clear mind."
  • 2x Eucalyptus Grapefruit (Revitalize) - energizing, refreshing, uplifting: "On the mend."

Our EUCALYPTUS SHOWER STEAMERS SET, designed with soothing eucalyptus and camphor to clear your mind—and your sinuses—so that you can feel more like yourself again!

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Minimum $250
Sheridan, WY
In a world of doing, we encourage you to simple be. For most of us, the world has become an incredibly stressful, hectic place to live, where we're constantly forced to problem-solve and sort through conflict. On some level, we all desire a less complicated life, unburdened by the stress of large cities, pollution, and corporate hustle. ...That's where Monsuri comes in. Monsuri is a health & wellness company created specifically to encourage relaxation and "ME" time that help you de-stress from an overwhelming, busy life. Our range of high-quality bath & body products are your ticket to a unique self-care experience that will promote a soothing sense of wellness. Thank you for trusting us to deliver a detoxifying, rejuvenating self-care experience for you!
Eucalyptus Shower Steamers Set (6 units)