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Everything Bagel Dip (1 OZ Packets)

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Not much to say about this one. The same great flavor as our Everything Chip but ready to be mixed with whatever your heart desires. The toasted garlic, shallots and  caraway are the star of the show here but the kick of cayenne is there reminding you to live a little. 

Mix with 16oz of your favorite sour cream, Greek yogurt or cream cheese. We also recommend this one done up cheese-ball style. 

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Hen of the Woods

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Cincinnati, OH
What started as a garnish on a salad has turned Hen of the Woods into a snack food company with the mission of creating flavor focused tasty treats that everyone everywhere can enjoy. Our kettle chip journey began in 2013 at a local farmer’s market at Washington Park in the heart of Cincinnati, Ohio. From the beginning our goal was to create a well-balanced, unique kettle chip that spoke to our years of culinary experience and expressed how we thought snack foods could taste. As a team of chefs, we focused on what we thought made a chip fantastic; flavor, texture, the quality of ingredients, and treating the ingredients respectfully. Today we are in hundreds of stores across 25 states; and we still develop each one of our unique seasonings in house. The foundation we created with our flavors is something we believe sets us apart. WE HOPE YOU ENJOY THEM AND ENJOY THEM OFTEN
Everything Bagel Dip (1 OZ Packets)