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Exfoliating Olive Soap

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All-Natural Exfoliating Olive Soap

Organic and low foam, this miracle soap is an all-natural cleanser, exfoliator and moisturizer for the face and body - in one!

The natural texture and abundant moisture content in this soap make it gentle enough to be used on a daily basis. For spa-quality radiance, try our Exfoliating Olive Soap with our textured Body Mitt.

All skin types are welcome. But for ultra-sensitive skin, test a bit out on the inside of the elbow before applying to face or body. 

Face exfoliation tip: mix a small amount of soap, a bit of the clay mask powder with a tiny bit of water. 
Massage onto face and rinse. Apply a small amount of organic argan oil or face serum as desired.

Size: 118 gr../4 oz


Olive paste, olive and vegetable oil, water and potash (a natural preservative)

Two more notes:

Texture and thickness may very depending on climate. Will not affect results.
An opened jar may be stored in refrigerator if temperatures are above 75F (24C)

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Minimum $350
Forest Hills, NY
We proudly create natural and organic products for body, face and hair. Cruelty Free, never toxic, sustainably sourced. Swiss made fragrances also for a Home Fragrance Collection. NYC's swag for TATTOO BOOSTER, to maintain the art on your skin. Organic single ingredient food; tasty and nutritious. Sourced from indigenous and tribal communities from the Amazon Rainforest and the Bio-reserve in Morocco. Products with purpose.