Fallen Comrades- the Buds that didn’t make it

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Oh, our Fallen Comrades- possibly our most beloved product. These are the buds that were shook loose or fell off of the stem when trimming and packing the Sublime Buds. They might not have completed their mission but know that they are just as potent and honorable as their other fellows that made it. As they don’t quite look as “pretty” as the buds, we pack them up - as much as these glass latched jars will hold- and offer them for a rockin good price! 

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Shady Cat Social Club

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Sandwich, IL
Shady Cat Social Club's eco-friendly branding will appeal to your cat lovers, no question! However, our catnip and catnip-alternative products are so potent that all the cats will demand their people keep coming back for more!! We have partnered with some of the best organic farmers in the US and absolutely LOVE making cats and their people happy! Our goal is to give you stellar customer service and create relationships not just sales. We love answering questions so please reach out to Nikki Peterson via email or text for the fastest response. Cat products are a bit strange and we've noticed a tremendous spike in sales with some product knowledge given to curious shoppers! We have marketing materials for staff & customer support for every order. A bit about Shady Cat's beginnings... The idea for this company came to Nikki in the midst of some serious health challenges. As an RN, being diagnosed with Fibromyalgia felt like an amputation of limbs. She felt like half of the person she was. It became a challenge to give all to others when you felt helpless yourself. Working with the elderly, especially those suffering from Alzheimer's or dementia had new meaning. She could relate to the feeling of helplessness! Comforting them can be challenging, but they deserve peace and happiness after years of serving all of us! However, one day she witnessed a transformation from distress to bliss when a dusty, old battery powered cat soothed a gentleman with Alzheimer's in a way that NOTHING our loving staff could accomplish in months of effort. "Trixie" and her new cat dad showed her how this unconditional love, asking for nothing but cuddles and pets, could change someone's life and it was nothing short of magical! Anyone with depression, anxiety, loneliness, stress or many other forms of life's challenges can find some contentment and peace with the unconditional love of a pet. That's when the light bulb for Shady Cat Social Club turned on! Our company is committed to creating healthy, therapeutic catnip products to enhance the lives of our furry best buddies, while in turn, making it possible to create healthy, therapeutic "best buddies" for our elderly suffering from Alzheimer's and dementia! Who doesn't love a win-win? Join the Club and make the world a little bit better one Shady Cat at a time!
Fallen Comrades- the Buds that didn’t...