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Family Tradition: Baozhong Tea

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Baozhong Tea Tasting Notes

• A hint of fresh melon
• Creamy notes
• Woodsy undertone

Baozhong Tea Health Benefits

  • benefits Strengthens bones and teeth
  • benefits Helps with weight loss
  • benefits Helps lower blood sugar level

Flavor profile

Why is Taiwanese Baozhong Tea special?

• Rare type of Taiwanese oolong tea
• Lightly oxidized with refreshing, green flavor
• Premium whole leaves (1 tea sachet = 3 servings)

  • benefits Non-toxic tea sachets
  • benefits 1 tea sachet = 3 cups
  • benefits Premium quality
  • benefits Directly sourced

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Taiwanese Baozhong Tea

Baozhong tea is the most popular tea in Taiwan due to its ability to regulate blood sugar. Mainly grown in Wenshan, Taiwan, Taiwanese baozhong tea has a green melon aroma with a woodsy yet creamy flavor that’s a refreshing palate cleanser.

We distinctively source our baozhong tea from Pinglin, Taiwan where the high mountain tea farms are submerged in the clouds during the winter and spring.

This gives our baozhong tea a slightly bitter taste due to its low catechin levels, but its high L-theanine levels make our baozhong tea a great cozy, relaxing drink.

For authentic baozhong tea from Taiwan, try Family Tradition. Our biodegradable corn fiber tea sachets hold naturally twisted and dried whole tea leaves that can be steeped up to three times with each steep giving you a subtly different experience.

Comparison Chart

Directly sourced from family-owned farms
Non-toxic tea sachets
1 sachet = 3 cups
Premium whole leaves
Natural & clean cultivation

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Us Two Tea is an Asian-founded and owned tea brand that strives to make Asian tea culture more accessible to the people in the U.S. Sourced from family-owned farms in Taiwan, the tea is packaged in 100% sustainable tea sachets which can be conveniently brewed up to three times.
Family Tradition: Baozhong Tea