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Far Out Funky Dress Socks

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  • Made with 80% cotton 10% spandex and 10% polyester to keep elasticity and softness.
  • Extremely breathable, keeps your feet fresh and dry.
  • Each set comes in playful and fun pattern designs
  • Variety of colorful socks to match up with all your favorite clothes.
  • Comfortable enough for every day while maintaining the image of fancy socks
  • Made with 80% cotton 10% spandex and 10% polyester to keep elasticity and softness.

Men's Dress Socks envelops a philosophy of carpe diem with styles and designs to match your daily vim and vigor. Take it a step beyond brightening up your workday and commit to catapulting your vitality forward with leaps and bounds of poise and finesse.

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Mio Marino

Minimum $50
Suffern, NY
Our products range from leather belts, gloves, socks, shoes, and bowties—the clothing accessories that make you look sophisticated and presentable when aiming to be hired, get the job promotion, or close a deal with a prospect client. Each product goes through a rigorous design, production, and marketing process. We deal with quality seriously and we make sure we only acquire the best materials and hardware to ensure you that undebatable durability of the product that will last with you for a long time. Our accessories are symbols of aspiration, motivation, and success. We do not only sell clothing accessories that can level up your garment, we sell accessories that will be your lifelong partner in your journey of climbing the career ladder and making your dreams into a reality, one by one. Most of all, we sell class.
Far Out Funky Dress Socks