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Farmer's Best Pure Vermont Maple Syrup

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Farmer's Best Pure Vermont Maple Syrup is traditionally boiled, slowly, over an open flame, in a single small batch, on a family farm in Vermont. It is never blended, and it is never flash-cooked with steam in a factory setting. We taste each batch before bottling (it's a tough job, but somebody's got to do it!) and this grade a dark maple syrup with robust taste is the very best of the best. Its the stuff we share with our closest friends and family.

Enjoy Farmer's Best Maple Craft Syrup over ice cream, cake, fruit, etc. Use it to marinade or as a glaze for salmon and other proteins or veggies. Mix it in cocktails, coffee and tea. And of course, use it elevate all of your breakfast favorites.

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Sandy Hook, CT
In 2001, we began harvesting maple sap from trees at our homes in Connecticut and Vermont. We did this because we love maple syrup, and wanted our kids to develop healthy connections with nature. We established Maple Craft Foods in Sandy Hook, CT to make people smile, and to develop healthier connections with food, nature and with each other. #1 FAQ: What makes Maple Craft products different? ANSWER: Our team of Maple Crafters are located across four New England states, making our process more complex and time consuming, but well worth it! We start with premium, single source, small batch wood-fired maple syrup harvested in Vermont; we transform, flavor and package our products in partnership with a non-profit facility in Massachusetts exclusively focused on local agricultural & farm product production; and our headquarters & distribution centers are based in Connecticut, with logistics support in Rhose Island! No other maple company employs or enjoys the level of New England creativity, work ethic, ingenuity and expertise that we do…and it shows. The quality & taste of our award-winning products are unmatched. Our support of community volunteers and non-profits working to make life safer, healthier and sweeter is unmatched. And our commitment to customer service/satisfaction is unmatched. We invite you to experience what it’s like to work with our Uniquely New England maple company for yourself!
Farmer's Best Pure Vermont Maple Syrup